Where did you get your friendliest chicks?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Tam'ra of Rainbow Vortex, Jul 20, 2011.

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    I am really curious about this. I have the friendliest chicks I have ever met right now and I can't figure out why, if it isn't to do with their genetics. They are all breeds I have had before (EE, SS, BO) but they are so much more outgoing. They run up to me and peep to be picked up. This started before we began feeding them kitchen scraps even!
    This is my 4th batch of chicks in the last 3 years. All 4 orders contained 25-30 chicks.
    The first 2 were from McMurray. They were healthy, happy, and adorable. But we only had one in each batch be handleable despite frequent interaction. I mean we could catch them, but they didn't like it and we could hold them but they'd peep loudly. It took months of bribery to get them to be bappy to see us, instead of wary. The chickens I had growing up were like this too.
    My third order was from a breeder (project chickens, not real 'breed') and they acted just the same. A few have warmed up to being petted, but it has taken lots of work.
    My fourth order came from IDEAL, and they are just the sweetest things ever! Not all of them are cuddly, but only a few are panicy and paranoid. I have about 10 who will calmly allow me to pick them up and hold them, even sitting in my lap when I let them go. Most of the others will dodge my hand, but just seem annoyed, not scared. They are so nice they have started to influence my 3 year old flighty ones to be friendlier! I can pet my older hens if the babies are around now. I love my babies! Though there were diferences in their brooder set-ups, if anything these new chicks had LESS handling at early ages than the others.

    So is it the hatchery? Luck? Magic? Why are they so nice?
    Where did your friendlist chicks come from, and where did you get the least friendly? Please also say how many you had together, as it effects the ammount of individual attention each chick gets.
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    Luck? Breed?

    All of my chicks (besides those hatched by my broodies) came from Ideal, one way or the other. I have placed two orders with Ideal over the past few years - my brahmas were the first, back in 2007. Last year I ordered more chicks - variety of breeds - from Ideal. This year I purchased 8 chicks total from a feed store that gets their chicks from Ideal. The eight chicks were purchased to be raised by my broodies.

    Far and away my brahmas are the friendliest of all my birds. DH comments all the time on how they are the most laid back and non-flighty chickens he's ever been around and he's been around chickens his whole life.
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    All my chicks came from the farm store, which was shipped from the hatcheries and are very friendly. The upmost friendliest chick ever was the bantam golden laced cochin. I'd stick my hand in the bin and the day old chicks would jump right into my hand. Oh, so sweet.[​IMG]

    I held my chicks everyday throughout the day. I spend a lot of time with them. Sometimes I think they are too friendly. Whenever hubby is in the coop working on something, they all jump on top of him wanting attention and to be held.[​IMG]

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