Where do i get a indoor coop for my hen and her chicks when her eggs hatch?

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  1. where do i get a small indoor coop that my hen can raise her chicks in for the first few weeks after the eggs hatch? please give replys i really need to know. the eggs are going to hatch in about 9 or 10 day! if you have any ideas please reply quikly thanks!
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    She does not need to be indoors, if this is a hen who has been sitting on the eggs to hatch them, and cares for them after hatch. She will keep the chicks warm with her body, and they will run under her any time they need to get warm. They don't need a heat source in the coop, either.
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    If you want to keep her inside thats ok. You can use a large cardboard box she wont try to get away as she is sitting on eggs and it will be tall enough to keep the babies in just fill it with shaveings =) . You can also use a wire dog cage or a pet taxi. Unless you have dogs or cats you think will hurt her you dont necssarly need a top just walls so the fuzz balls wont get lost wandering to far.
  4. Thanks! keep posting!!

    the reason i want her indoors is because i et my chickens come in thee house And she aw the uch and that where she is now hatching them! anyway i think the reason she is inside is to keep the eggs away from the other chickens! thanks for the box idea!!

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