Where do you buy an hygrometer? And what make?


16 Years
May 17, 2007
I have just realised that I don't have one and it sounds like they are pretty darn important pieces of equipment... What is a good reliable make and where on earth would I look for one?
I have 2.

An Amprobe THWD-2, which retails at $115 but I bought new, on Ebay, for $30. It is guaranteed accurate to 3%RH over the range.

A Sprinfield PrecisionTemp, which I bought for $6 at Walmart. It won't register lower than 20%RH, but other than that is usually within about 2% of the Amprobe.
I have purchased around 6 of them and the best one and of course the most expensive is a Fluckers available at Pet Smart or Petco. They are made for reptile habitat and are designed to be kept in humid climates.

You can also get a fairly good on at Walmart. The Accurite is pretty reliable but a bit large for my needs. I have a small incubator and it takes up way to much room.

Don't get one that is designed for a humidor for cigars. I found those to be very unreliable and I believe others have as well.
The *Hair Hygrometers* are the worst. They work, kinda, when new, but the hair gets contaminated and they gradually deteriorate.

I was gonna get a Flukers .... in the end the Amprobe came up and it does well.
i got mine at wal mart too and so far it has worked pretty good. it is both a hygrometer and a temperature gage. its digital and seems to be working good. plus it will giv eme the highest temp and lowest temp snce i last checked it. which is good for when im not home.

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