Where do you find clothes for your little girls?


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May 11, 2009
Kentucky, Cecilia
I am frustrated beyond belief with kids clothing. The boys are easy. The girls are torture. I don't do skirts to the floor or anything but ones that cover the bum would be nice. I would just like some nice little jumpers and skirts that go at or right above the knee. She is so skinny and has such long legs buying skirts feels like an impossible chore. She likes skirts though. Jeans I just buy boys slim jeans. The girls jeans show too much bum crack and that is not pleasant on anyone. I don't sew but I am thinking I will have to learn just so she can have some she is allowed to wear. At this point I have to buy bigger sizes for length and then safety pin them waist to make them fit. How hard would sewing simple stuff be? I can sew on buttons and thats about it.
I don't sew either, but McCalls and Simplicity have some darling little easy sew jumper patterns, and one of the cutest outfits my four little girls ever had was the bloomer shorts with the little top that you put on with the X on the back after it was on. No buttons, snaps or anything. My aunts sewed them for me, and they were just precious. Good luck!! I hate the crack thing too, and its everywhere!!!!!!
Its scary, I am having to consider becoming ( gasp) domestic. I would much rather help build a barn, or a house, or do your taxes. Honestly just name something else and I would rather do that than sew. I guess that sewing machine I was given 18 years ago should come out of the box now. ( sigh )
You know, I have been in the same boat! I hate that most of what you can buy for girls anymore is sooooo slutty and trashy looking. I mean it's like we're all supposed to be raising a bunch of Bratz dolls! Uck. That being said... I buy 90% of my daughter's clothes either at Gymboree (but I buy almost everything on clearance a season ahead because that stuff is pricey!) or I get a lot of stuff on eBay. You'd be surprised the cute and new clothing that can be found there. The deals aren't as great as they used to be, sometimes the prices are actually way too high, but at least I can find a skirt that doesn't have half my baby's rear end hanging out, and if you are willing to put some time into searching for the brands you like... you can find decent prices.

Good luck!
Oh do I HEAR YOU. The clothes out there in the stores make me RETCH. Daisy Dukes for six year olds? Hello, do they strictly hire pedophiles for their clothing design?

My savior has been Land's End. They even have modest swimsuits- not FLDS modest, but wetsuit types.

Land's End clothes look like they were made for little girls, not little tramps. I can only afford to buy at the outlet stores tho. Catalogs are too $$$.

Hanna Anderson is AWESOME, great clothes, and they WEAR LIKE IRON. Buy a dress for your daughter and her kids will be able to wear it.
I also like Children's Place outlets, but you have to be selective. Some of the stuf is nasty, but they carry a lot of nice things too.

You'd be surprised how often I opt for boy's shorts over girl's.
Buy the little skirts, but also buy leggings to go under? So then she'd have a fluffy skirt, and some stylie leggings, and cute socks/shoes. The more obnoxiously colored/patterned leggings or socks, the better. It's very rockstar.
I guess I should go back into the sewing and tailoring business. I used to custom sew for people in the last two places where we lived. The customers were so grateful to get clothing that fit them. But since we moved out to the country, 14 miles on a dirt road to the nearest little dinky town, my focus has been on gardening and chicken raising. I am thoroughly enjoying what I'm doing, but lately since it's too hot out in the afternoons to work outside I have been re-arranging my sewing/computer room.
I rarely buy mine skirts... seems dumb when I know she's going to climb trees...
Mostly it's the Grands, Aunts, etc that do that...

But I have spotted one or two that she liked, AND THAT HAD SHORTS BUILT IN, that I bought for her.

That's the key for me... the shorts... so if she's riding a bike, climbing, running, etc. no worries about indecent exposure.
What about Gymboree? What I've seen of the girls clothing seems to be very cute and modest. Plus, if you hit a sale you can buy clearance items for pennies on the dollar.
I try to hit the sales as much as possible. Money is always tight so I really have to make it stretch. Usually its trying to buy at walmart on clearance, however their clothes are more suitable for streetwalkers at times. Sometimes there is something. The other problem is just her size. She is skinny as can be but such long legs its not even funny. I have gotten some hanna anderson stuff from consignment stores and love them. I get the catalog and would love to have the talent to copy whats in there.

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