Where do you think my pet-chicken funeral should be


9 Years
Jul 12, 2010
Mediterranean Sea
Today my most loved chicken died. It all happen suddenly and died in 2 days of some mysterious reason.

Usually i double bag my dead chickens and throw them in the garbage. But this chick was different since my daughter my wife and i remember this chick since day 1. I made an incubator and hatched it. It means alot to me. It died tonight while i am at work.

I have 2 different places to choose for where to give this soul the last home to rest.

Excuse my english as its not my native language.

1 option:
A piece of land near my house where the grave would be able to see the only place it learned to live in, the yard of my house can be seen from up there clearly. That would mean to me that my chick is near me and does not feel lost and frighten because it will be near the only place it lived and near the people that loved it soooooooo much. That will mean its with us for ever, or for as long as we are there. It might take care of my flock who knows.

2 option:
Another piece of land where my 14 years old dog is eternally sleeping in peace near a church with my mothers name. This place is in the entry of the town and i (almost) always pray for the saint to take care of me when i drive out of town and bring me back in. I always think "thanks" when i drive in the town for the saint that has the churches name. For me this spot has a meaning since it translates to the blessing "take care" that my mother told me when i was leaving the house when i was a kid. In my mind my dog, Sheeba, lives there with the saint. It died years ago. If i take my chicken there, it will mean that my dog has a new friend with things in common (my love) to play around and that the chick will be taken care for ever by my dog. It might be a part of the company that protects me when i pass by that place.

For this post, i know whatever i choose to do will be my decision and also the best thing to do. Both places have special meanings but different, so i need to hear some opinions that i might have not think of yet.

By the way, i am not a religious person, i like to study religions sometimes but nothing specific. I never go to church, i just feel a little spiritual sometimes and i am sure there is something there in our minds that gives us real power if we believe into something.

Please feel free to share your opinions on my question here in this thread, if you are more intrested for my chick i made a detail post of what happend in my journal that you can find below in my signature, however to split this "poll" from my journal i made another thread

I'm sorry for your loss. I always bury my special babies under a bush, or a special tree in the yard. That way, when I go into my garden, I see Lucy's rhododendron, or Polly's azelia, or Baby's roses. I bury them close enough to the bush so they won't get dug up if I am gardening nearby. You can even put a little grave marker there. I hope this helps.
I would go with the spot overlooking your yard. That way, your pet will be at home.

So sorry for your loss.

Oh, and your English is flawless.

Thanks for the replies. I am about to get back home from work, it will be very early in the morning 6-7:00 so i think i will just hurry up and go make that funeral by myself before my wife wakes up. She has to make the cake for my daugters 2nd birthday that is today.

I think i will choose the spot near the house because that way i will have more contact with my loved chicken
I am so sorry for your loss. I know its hard

I have a plant Lilly plant in memory of my darling dog of almost 11 years out by my pond. I didnt get to bury her. But none the less it is there reminder of her.
I'm sorry you lost your special girl. Wherever you place her will be right, because you will be remembering her every time you see her grave.
I chose the spot near my house, its done.

I felt complete and not sad as i returned home as i thought that my chicken is happy there. I see the trees that i burried my chicken under from my house and smile

I could not just throw that chicken in the garbage, it was so unique.

Thanks to everyone i wish you all health and luck in your families and flocks

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