Where does one get Lavender ameraucana .. or any other Lavender full size hens ?


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6 Years
Jul 22, 2013
Las Vegas NV
I'm sure this has been asked before .. I am in LOVE with the Lavender color chicken WHERE CAN I GET THEM =]
living in Las Vegas nv I have never seen any .. and our feed stores (IFA) only get very common breeds in the spring of course
I only have heard a few breeders and Strombergs have them off the top of my head. strombergs might only have bantys though, not sure.
I don't know of any big commercial hatcheries that ship to feed stores that have Lavender anything. I think you are stuck with ordering eggs and hatching your own, or ordering chicks from a breeder or some of the smaller hatcheries, like Sand Hill, that has them.

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