Where have all the LF Cochin breeders gone?


6 Years
Feb 18, 2013
Adairsville, GA
We are pretty new to raising chickens and when I asked my husband which breed he wanted to start raising we decided to research. He decided he loved the Standard Cochins, especially the buffs and partridge. We chose a few other breeds and proceeded to order chicks. Here is where we made our mistake. We ordered 5 LF Cochin chicks from a hatchery because we could not find any local at all. They are about 4 months old now and they are not very attractive at all. They hardly have any feathers on their feet, they have a hawk-like face and their tails look more like brahma tails with straight pointed feathers. So, I decided I would order some hatching eggs online from a breeder to try to get some better quality chicks. I can't find any?!? Every listing I find is from years ago, or the page has been deleted, or they no longer carry that breed. I thought Cochins were fairly common? I hope someone on here knows of someone who raises these beautiful birds and can point me in the right direction. I just wanted to order a dozen or so hatching eggs and instead I went on an hour long goose chase online. I did order some eggs on eBay but it has been almost 2 weeks and the breeder said that his hens are not laying very well right now so I may have to cancel the order. Grrrrrr. I need some insight from some of you chicken gurus! Where can I find someone who raises breeder quality LF Cochins? Thanks y'all!

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