Where / How can you get free post-halloween pumpkins?

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    Any secrets to getting the "leftovers" from stores, etc. that have pumpkins that didn't sell? I figure they will need to get rid of all the excess inventory for free or cheap, right?

    Our girls have enjoyed pumpkin in the past... maybe not a favorite treat, but if they are free, it's at least something extra for them to explore.
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    With my current work schedule I won't be able to participate in the neighborhood candy thing tonight. But since most of the kids walk with parents I'm going to put a couple of plastic garbage cans at the end of our driveway with a sign that says "recycle your pumpkins here." Most of the neighbors know we keep chickens and a compost pile. So I'm hoping they will see the good sense in bringing over their pumpkins later on during the week. I'm also hoping to score a couple of straw bales from those who have used them for decorations since the local garbage company will not pick them up on the regular trash days. They have to be hauled to the dump and you have to pay to dispose of them.
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    Craigslist Bro . . .

    Farmers sell leftover punkins as hog food.

    Ive already seen 4 ads on the Sac CL . . .

    PS- put a "wanted" ad up.
    I would even take jack-o-lanterns, the wax can be picked off very easily . . .

    And . . . if you shred it with a grater they will eat it more, trust me
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    we're lucky out here, the grocery stores had "FREE Pumpkins," signs over their leftover stock since early this afternoon. Of course I took some for my banty godchickens Tiffany, Sheba, Sandy and Mandy. Candy( for humans) was not marked down yet bummer.

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