Where/how should we add the winter door ventilation?

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    It's getting to be that time of year, and we have to complete our "winter doors" for our shed-coop.
    My husband definitely wants to make 2 doors side by side, but I am undecided as to where the place the venting.
    This door is unfortunately facing North - so keep that in mind.
    I was thinking of long skinny rectangle venting, one on the edge of each side going down. Maybe 2ft or 3ft long & 6" wide strips of hardware cloth?
    Maybe just a small square opening at the top of each door?
    Maybe I should forget the openings on the north facing door and use the rest of the windows/vents instead? idk [​IMG]

    Here come the photos:

    Our shed back in July (still under construction, yay we have a run door now) just to show where the doors will go.

    Inside views of hardware cloth openings:
    The nesting box will be mounted below that pink basket.
    Their roosting perch is behind that roll of hardware cloth.
    I was going to put plastic over that left triangle which is above their heads, but maybe I won't need any plastic if I position the vents in the winter doors so there is no direct wind draft? (I love our storage area in the front, it is about 3ft until you reach that door)
    Their roosting area (before completion with hardware etc.) :
    The double doors will probably be something like this, but I don't want snow coming through them so at the least the bottom halves have to be solid wood:

    any suggestions are appreciated! thanks!
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    May 23, 2009
    High up above roost level is best, so in your case, up at the tops of the doors. I don't know if that's going to give you enough room for 1 square foot of vent per chicken, though.

    If you haven't yet read patandchickens ventilation page, I recommend you do so.
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    Thank you for posting.
    I have read the page, multiple times actually, but draft vs ventilation is still "iffy" with me. I get it, but don't. How do I know if the air ventilating in will draft down onto the birds during winter winds? Anyway, Pat if you happen to read this ~ I luv your pages but it's the swirling winter winds that I refer to. Maybe in terrible winter storms everyone just closes everything up overnight with the exception of one vent for fresh air?

    I have vents high in the peak at the back (2nd & 3rd photo), and I have a huge window opening on the East side (1st photo) - so I already have the required amount of ventilation *shrugs* [​IMG] maybe we don't need any openings in these 2 new doors?

    I should add: For the ventilation square footage requirement: I only have 2 chickens [​IMG]
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