Where is the best place to buy my first chicks?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by DreamsInPink, Feb 26, 2016.

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    I have a local TSC but I'm not sure if they have much to choose from as far as breeds. I don't know exactly what breeds I want... that's another question I have. I've done some research online and have bookmarked several different ones... but I'm unsure.

    Anyway, there are a couple websites that I happened across, but a lot of the chickens are sold out already. Am I too late? And are these websites reputable? (Am I allowed to mention them by name on here? I don't want to break any rules.)

    Or would I be better off to try to get them from TSC or a local co-op? Thank you.
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    If you can order fifteen to twenty-five chicks, you will have a much better selection from mail order hatcheries. Your local farm stores will have fewer types, and they won't be vaccinated for Marek's disease. It is fun to get a variety of breeds, and learn what appeals to you. There are so many choices! Henderson's breed chart, feathersite, and other sites, have fun pictures and short descriptions. Fun! Mary
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    Thank you Mary!

    You mentioned vaccines... how important is this?? I did read that it was an option on the websites I was on.. at least one of them anyway.

    And yes, we are planning on starting out with around 10-20... so that sounds like my best bet. IF I can find nice ones that are still available. Ugh. I had no idea I should have started looking weeks ago. I hope I'm not too late.

    It's much cheaper to buy straight run, but I really only want pullets... so... and my luck, I'd end up with a bunch of baby Roos! haha
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    This isn't entirely true, local farm stores order from mostly the same hatcheries online that the rest of us might order from, and many farm stores offer 'special' order forms giving you options like Merek's vaccination if you feel you need as well as offering breeds they won't 'stock' for their chick days events, but can still be ordered as 'specials'...

    For example my local farm store chain orders their chicks from Cackle Hatchery and using the special order form you pretty much can order any breed they offer while avoiding shipping charges with only a 5 chick minimum on the special order...

    One stipulation for special orders they generally have deadlines, and at least by me the local chain farm store's deadline pasted two weeks ago for special orders...

    The 'local' feed store will also order chicks from any hatchery you want with all options and they will generally coordinate with several other customers to split shipping cost if you are willing to wait until they get several other people to combine the order with...

    Pros and Cons either way...
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    If you want the best selection you really have to start ordering as soon as they offer pre-sales, for many Hatcheries this is all the way back in November/December...
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    Thank you for the information. So, if I order in Nov/Dec, the chicks still don't arrive till spring, correct? I did see that some later batches were available on some of the breeds... I will just have to weed through what I'd like to start with and then weed through the online sites to see what is actually going to be available.
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    Yes, I ordered back in December and my chicks don't ship until mid April...
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    Ok, well, thank you so much! Do you mind if I ask what hatcheries are good to consider? I have looked at Murray McMurray, Cackle and Meyer. Are there any more I should check out? As I said, those had limited stock left... it was hit and miss. Some had certain ones I liked while others had other ones. lol Figures.
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    Overall I believe that all the major big name hatcheries are decent and comparible, you are going to find good and bad reviews for all... My advice is choose the closest one unless they don't have what you want...
  10. DreamsInPink

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    Ok, I suppose that's good advice. :) Thank you!

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