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My Coop
My Coop
I'm trying to figure out the placement of our new coop and run (it's picked out but not bought yet) and it looks like we have two options. Either in the center of the yard (no shade) or under an apple tree (which would need trimming and we would have to work to get it leveled, I'm a little worried about branches breaking under the weight of apples which has happened before too) .

So where is your coop located (shade, sun,?) and what would you do in my case? I'll try to get pictures tomorrow of both sites.

ETA: my current coop is under a tree, but we will not be able to put the new one there due to how it its being delivered. (we are buying it from a local place that builds and delivers coops). My current coop and its location:

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20 Paces off the front porch, center of the yard
Shade in summer - Sun in Winter THAT is the magic place if you can find it or create it.
Not sure what your construction methods are but our metal roofs are VERY cool in the summer sun, and our corrugated plastic ones are HOT HOT HOT.

Maybe someone near-er to you will respond soon.

I like the apple tree. Put the coop on the east side of it. They love morning sun but evening sun is sooo hot on them. coops without shade fair rough. Thin the apple tree and let the girls enjoy a bit of shade in the summer. Gloria Jean
Our coop is in our garage. We built a room right inside. If I had an outside coop, I'd put it in a very shaded area.
Both coops in the trees leveled it all out 1 main coop is in the trees gets some morning sun, the smaller coop gets evening sun but it is in the trees as well. We tried to give them max amount of shade , given it has been triple digits most of the summer it has worked well to give them a place to be out of the sun . There is a small grotto in the trees they love to hang out in the area is quite overgrown surrounded by water on all 4 sides, it is a pretty wide creek not 1 they have been willing to cross. So shade would be my preference to help keep them cool.
Here is a quick picture of each site that I got before my battery died (sorry they are so dark, its dusk and flash would have killed my battery), The open area:

And the Apple tree:
We currently have a total of 4 coops - mighty inconvenient when there's inclement weather!
There are 3 coops to the East of our house with lots and lots and lots of shade from our Douglas Firs and less than 30 ft from the house and then one coop down by the shop (our "Green Mile" coop) with the only shade provided is from the run top.

We are in the process of building a one-for-three coop converted from a 10x10 shed kit we got from Home Depot. It is going out to the front of our house about 100ft. There's no shade there right now tho', but then we live in Western WA where it doesn't really get all that hot.
We can't plant anything that'll grow tall out there (it was in our sales contract when we bought our place 9yrs ago - 'cuz if we did that it'd block the neighbors view of Mt. Rainier), but we might build some lower, slanted panels or put up temporary posts and tarps that would provide shade when needed....

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