Where the monsters reap ~A monster RP~

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  1. The seas....one of the worlds most mysterious place, people have said to have sighted the beasts that are said to be lurking in the far depths of the ocean floor, of which is settle where no man has ever set foot, people have sent submarines down under in hope of discovering more, most never returned, one returned with one giant bite mark in it, there is no way it was a bunch of sharks which is why we have reasons to believe there are monster lurking in the dark depths of the ocean floor.

    The monster looked at me with dark eyes I had been one of the scuba divers involved in the scientific search for the depths death bringers is what they called it, the faint light from my underwater flashlight was low, but there was enough light to show the horse like monster that was about the size of a T-Rex it had blue scales that reflected the little light that flickered in my flashlight "Hello? Melody? You there?" I was shocked and reported the thing I had seen, it took us one step closer to finder the monsters that lurked under.

    The monster swam under a rock hiding its scale from the light, the light continued to flicker then left I having the advantage of seeing in the dark watched the life form struggle looking frantic hitting the light until it flickered back on then she yanked on the rope and she quickly started racing back to the surface I came out and watched her sail onto the surface not knowing and not caring what she was I continued with what I was doing trying to get my Big Ol' fish.

    Out in the big blue ocean sea monsters lurk and you can either be the monster of the hunter your choice. discover, decided and enjoy and have fun!

    Blue sea cove: Blue sea cove is one that is owned by a kind and just queen, she is kind and listens to her other covemates, and owns most of the sea she does not get much fighting, she is peaceful and so is there side of the sea

    Red Cove: Is owned by two mean monsters who are hated because they are not known as good looking, they were not originally mean, but after being hated they changed the way they lived

    Seaweed cove:A pretty place that is in between nice and mean and will not go with anyone braking rules

    Black cove: A lonely cove where all are invited no matter what you are they accept you

    Loners living: all loners belong here

    Members- unlimited
    Leaders-1 per cove

    Nursers-They take care of infants and teach younglings.
    teachers-They teach fighting skills and how to get into a rank,

    No mean comments
    No winning all fights when fighting with someones characters please just PM about what will happen
    No RPing until I accept your form
    All BYC rules apply


    Scuba forums:

    Crush or spouse:

    Ranks for scuba:
    Teachers-they teach how to swim and how to use your air-there are 3 teachers
    Student-they are learning and are some of the special people who encounter these monsters- there are unlimited of these
    Experienced diver-They are very experienced swimmers and do most of the extrapolation-there are 4 of these.
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  2. Eruanna

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    Sep 29, 2014
    With my dog
    Name: Nessy
    Age: 246
    Mate: lead male?
    Cove: Blue sea cove
    Rank: lead female
    Gender: female
    Username: Eruanna
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  3. Accepted! Thank you so much for joining! C: could you please advertise this RP?
  4. Name:Mo
    Family:None yet
    Cove:Blue sea cove
    rank:Lead male

    Other:He is not evil like he looks sorry only pic I could find XD
  5. Eruanna

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    Sep 29, 2014
    With my dog

    (YAY :weee )
    (Yeah, sure.)

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