Where to buy and how to care for heritage breeds?

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by Lelilamom, Jan 4, 2017.

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    Feb 28, 2013
    We've been raising BBW Turkeys for five years now and would like to try a heritage breed or two this coming year. Are there any hatcheries that sell heritage chicks in quantities less than 20?

    Heritage breeds live for years correct? What kind of housing do we need? Right now we have just a fenced in lean-to with a roost because we process at Thanksgiving and we don't winter any of our birds. Do some breeds need insulation? Do some birds go into a coop? Ours always preferred the outdoors and we had to tell them to get inside the lean-to so we could close the fencing for the night.

    Any preferred heritage breed we should attempt to raise?

    Thanks for any info!
  2. ocap

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    Jan 1, 2013
    Smithville, Missouri
    I found a source for excellent birds by contacting breeders that show the birds, try and find out who went to the Ohio National
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    Jun 10, 2013
    not sure on hatchery minimums.

    you might keep your eye on craigslist in the spring when babies start hatching. At least in my area there are several ads for poults that pop up.

    yes heritages live for several years.

    housing. mine have a barn and coop. but they stay outside on top of fence rails coop and one roosts in trees. they roost where ever they want. they stay outside in most types weather. cold doesn't seem to bother them.

    as far as the varieties that is a personal choice. I started with palms and blue slates. then added bourbon reds chocolates and narragansetts. I'm down to 3 types now. Palms are a smaller body bird but are eye candy to me. they can be flighty.

    bourbons are bigger and very inquisitive. if working outside they have to investigate what you are doing.

    narragansett I added because they are highly sought after in my area and are easy to sell. they are about the same size as a bourbon.

    for a large look at what's available look at porters heritage turkeys website. he has some stunning birds.

    other than body size most heritages are just coloration differences.
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    Jul 16, 2015
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    Both Meyers and Porters have a 15 minimum. Porter also sells hatching eggs.

    Mine have a shed and large partially covered run. Turkeys will be all over the place if left free. I personally like mine confined. They are let out to range in the warmer months.

    I have found those to be closer to the wild color to be more pushy. I'm not a fan of bronze and my Narragansett were the first to go. I like bourbon, blues and blacks. Bourbon seem to be the most inquisitive.

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