Where to buy pine shavings, diatomeceous earth?

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    Oct 15, 2013
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    We're getting ready to start using our new coop. I read here in the Learning Center that pine shavings and diatomeceous earth are the best bedding materials. Do these go into the nesting boxes too? Where is the best/economical place to buy these? I live in the Pasadena area outside Los Angeles. Thank you!

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    Hi joyc,


    Tractor Supply probably has one of the best prices on pine chips/shavings. Otherwise, check your Yellow Pages to see if you have a farm supply near you. I don't recommend DE, nor do I use it, but TS has it also.
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    Pine chips are great for a coop floor material as well as in the nest boxes. If you have some old carpet remnants then adding a cut piece to the bottom of the nest box is ideal with a few inches of chips on top. DE is great to dust into the chips every few weeks to help keep things dry and to ward off any insects with an exoskeleton (I also use it on the poop boards). Tractor Supply is a great place to find what you need. 5 bucks for a large block of chips and a bag of DE (food grade) for under 10. Good Luck!


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    TSC carries both pine shavings and DE. They don't sell kiln dried pine shavings which are a little bit more but possibly better for avoiding respiratory problems. The DE must be at the very least "food grade". TSC carries DE that is a light grey color which is a product that contains clay. You can use this on the floor of your coop, mixed in with your shavings. A light dusting spread and blended into the shavings. I wait to do this until the birds are out of the coop. Some recommend wearing a dust mask which is a good idea or do not breathe in deeply when disturbing the bedding. There's white DE which is more pure of a form but is more expensive. I use this on pets to get rid of ticks, etc. Again a dust mask/respirator is a good idea. Please know that the DE will become airborne and drift into your waterers so they need to be changed more frequently, I change it every other day with a splash of apple cider vinegar with mother ( from Wal-Mart) in a 3 gallon waterer. I will also sprinkle in some crushed lime into the bedding to help neutralize the amonia and keep the coop more fresh. Shavings can go in their nesting boxes. Don't be surprised if they kick it out or even bother to use the boxes. Mine lay in the shavings, sometimes channelling their inner dinosaur and bury their eggs. Keep the vents open to insure proper ventilation. Hope this is of some assistance!
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    Hello from Oregon & welcome to BYC. You will have to look up farm supply stores in your area. Best of luck :)

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    Quote: I've bought kiln dried shavings there many times
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    Not at my local TSC. I get mine from an independent feed store nearby. About .50 more per bale.

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