Where to buy plucking gloves???


11 Years
Sep 11, 2008
Green City, MO (North Mo.)
Read ~ them (I think) in Mother Earth News. They are rubber gloves with 'teats' .. supposedly just rub the dickens out of a scalded chicken and works as well as a WhizBang plucker. Anybody heard of these- what are they called- and where to purchase?? Thanks.
All they are is a rubberized glove with nums on the palms to aid in grip. Any hardware store or home center sells them
Well darn! I've checked at Westlakes Hardware, Home Depot, Tractor Supply, Orchelin's, and Farm & Home.. no luck. Does anyone have an on-line ordering outlet for them?
Thank you again.
Hey in case anyone wants any, Miles Kimball has the potato peeling rubber gloves (that are supposed to be great for plucking poultry) on sale for about $3.30

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