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    I am really interested in some Ameraucanas for my flock. I have some easter Eggers that were labeled ameraucanas, but are clearly not pure. I bought some eggs to hatch, but shipping was hard on them and only one hatched and it had problems and passed. Anyone sell and ship day old ameraucana chicks? Most places I have looked require 15 chick minimum and I really dont need that many or they are sold out.
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    Meyer Hatchery has a 3 chick minimum.
    I got this boy from them along with 14 pullets of different breeds.
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    Hi there, hope you are enjoying BYC! :frow

    Adding your general location to your profile will help peeps make the best suggestion possible at a glance. ;)

    Basically... I suggest you plan ahead for next spring. During certain months you can get as few as 3 chicks from My Pet Chicken and maybe a couple others... But by planning ahead you can also see about going in on the order with someone, talk to your local feed store(s) about adding your birds to their order as mine WILL, or maybe even just fill up your order with more popular lower priced breed that you can easily sell off. Also keep your eye on your local Craigslist farm and garden section as I see a surprising amount of some rare breeds there, as long as you have some discernment.. folks selling true Ameraucana will ALWAYS know what variety they are offering. Any vagueness, RUN! Locally I most often see standard size Lavenders, my friend even has a breeding pair. I personally breed and offer bantam Wheaten. And working on Lavender, Black, and eventually Chocolate though I haven't yet listed myself on either directory and hope to be NPIP next year.

    Also, any private individual offering birds or hatching eggs for shipping NEEDS to NPIP certified to do so legally across state lines.

    Here is a second breeder directory from another club...

    or their home page...

    FWIW... I have raised dozens of breeds and hundreds of birds... and have settled on Ameraucana... they are pretty fantastic birds. :love
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