Where to buy toddler clothes for short legged and long and thick torso toddler?

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    Fall time is going to be coming up soon and I'm dreading buying my son clothes. He is almost 16 months old but he took his dad's body. He has a really long torso, wide shoulders, big around waist, but short chunky legs. His legs are slowly growing longer but he still fits in 18 month size length.

    I can still put some 18-2T pants on him if they are very stretchy. If it is jeans then I need to buy a size 5T and that is even with adjustable sides. The problem with that is the length of the pants. I have bought some used jeans and cut and hemmed them up. Because they are so long I do have to cut them before hemming even if I do roll the legs up some to allow for growing.

    I've been trying to find clothes used especially with building a house. I haven't had much luck finding any jeans in good shape or in a style that I can hem. If they have side pockets it doesn't look good with the pocket down by his feet. New jeans are so expensive and I don't want to be cutting a new pair of jeans up. I don't mind stretch pants but I would like some jeans for photos or just something different. The stretch pants aren't easy to find either without seeing them in person.

    I didn't know if there were any special stores to buy clothes for different sized toddlers or if anyone had any suggestions on how to fix his pants. I got lucky with the shorts that he was a boy and if they were long it looked normal and they have better looking stretch shorts than pants.


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