Where to buy4-month old pullets?


9 Years
Feb 3, 2010
Ohio - Mid Ohio Valley
We just lost two of our hens, one ran off with the neighbor's roo, & the neighbors happily locked her in their barn.Not wanting to start problems over a hen, I'm looking to buy a replacement. The second lost hen was killed/mortally wounded by a coon Sunday morning. Now I'm looking to purchase 2 hens, thought 4 month old pullets would be a good idea, since my roo is searching for his missing harem.LOL!

My surviving hen is a Black Astralorp mix, she's unreceptive to poor roo since Sunday's attack, and basically she's still in shock She is staying close to her remaining chick, a pullet she hatched out April 24. Until this recent coon attack, mom -hen had been avoiding this pullet completely. I feel it's a good sign towards recovery that she's accepting her chick(pullet) as a companion.

I'm hoping for Buff Orpington hens. We want those egg layers. Ameracaunas would also be a fine choice, if anyone has any idea how or where I could get some delivered here in the next two weeks. My hubby finally decided a "fort knox" type of coop is mandatory, and has decided to build one immediately. We are in Ohio, the Mid-Ohio Valley, winters are cold, so the hens need to be col-hardy & winter layers.

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