where to find DE, food grade?


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8 Years
Nov 23, 2011
I live in Maine, and seem to be having some trouble finding food grade DE. Anyone have any ideas? I live in the Newport /Bangor area. I am willing to drive a little ways to get it. I asked the TSC in Bangor, and the girl looked at me like I had 5 heads and had no idea what I was even talking about... so Im guessing they don't carry it. Also, has anyone used it and had any luck with it on fleas??
thanks, i printed the page so I can show them next time lol. I was hoping someone around here carried it.
Thanks again
I also got the above at Tractor supply,,they had no idea if it was human grade, but the website for Red Earth says you can feed it to your animals, so it must be, and I asked on this forum and many use that brand.

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