Mar 2, 2021
So for right now I am getting back into chickens since I had my baby. I’m getting basic breeds for pets/ eggs. I also wanted some hatching eggs or chicks for showing as my child got older. I always wanted to show chickens since I was a little girl and raised chickens for years. I don’t know where to find quality birds to raise for showing. I always got birds from a family friend but they’re no longer in the business, or I would get them for pets from tractor supply. Where can I find quality standard and bantam Cochins hatching eggs or chicks for future showing? I know it means paying a lot more and I’m fine with investing. This is just always been a dream of mine I’d like to make happen.

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Nov 17, 2016
Go to an APA show and network with some of cochin breeders with birds you like at the show.
It's getting very hard to find quality large fowl cochins these days.

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