Where to get a male turquoise green cheek conure in Montana?

Duck Joe

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May 5, 2020
I'm looking for a young male green cheek, preferably a turquoise. Didn't want to buy from a pet store but could not find any breeders. I would also go into Idaho. Thank you!
Would pellets or seed be better for a green cheek? This will be my first conure so I thought I'd start with hand raised chick.
All parrots and cage birds should have pellets. Seeds are treats and just like with chickens, seeds should be 15% or less of the diet. Pellets contain the nutrients they need. A nutritionally complete diet.
Working with over 300 scarlet and great green macaws in Costa Rica, we wanted pelleted feed but couldn't afford it so we made our food from root crops, fruit and vegetables mixed with a vitamin and mineral supplement. They also got gallo pinto for breakfast every day at dawn.
A pelleted feed would have saved a lot of work.
Green cheeks are known as Mean Cheeks because they are biters.
Would pellets or seed be better for a green cheek? This will be my first conure so I thought I'd start with hand raised chick.

Seeds should only be treats and pellets are only good if you have a good brand. Most pellet brands are filled with corn, soy, wheat, sunflower seeds and artificial colours, vitamins and minerals, all of which are not for parrots. They're also usually baked, which removes any remaining nutritional value. I do know of two brands that have good ingredients and are cold pressed, meaning they're still left with nutritional value.

Pellets should only make up some of the diet though. Most of it should actually be fresh vegetables. I chop up and mix a bunch of vegetables and legumes and freeze them in small portions, so I can easily defrost some for my parrots each morning. I change up the vegetables seasonally, so they get plenty of variety.

Here's a picture of the vegetable chop I feed them.

Pellets should be used to fill in any gaps in their diet, rather than a complete diet. They get plenty of vitamins from the vegetables, so they don't need artificial supplements in their pellets.
I found a green cheek, he is not turquoise, though he is very cute. What kind of pellets do you recommend? Thank you.

The two I'd recommend are the Birdtricks Organic Parrot pellets and TOP's Parrot Food. They are a little more expensive than some, but you're paying for quality (plus, you can save money on vet bills ;)).

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