Where to get cheese cultures


12 Years
Dec 18, 2007
Please share your favorite store to get cheese cultures from.

My friend got the chevre from cheesmaking.com and it just doesn't taste as nice as the store bought stuff.
Hey Sharon--I*ve never done cheese, but raw goats milk makes great Kefir and I have extra grains if you want some.
I'd like to get in on this, no goats milk, but ready to make my own...
I was gonna try reviving my helios bottles culture, but the net says this will be an incomplete culture....

I do seem to be having luck reviving a kombucha culture I got at the farmers market last week, its gone from a few bits and filaments in the bottle to a thin, increasingly opaque layer with bubbles forming at the sides and underneath...

And Sharon- have you made paneer yet? its simple simple and can be used in all kinds of recipes.
You should look at Hoegger Supply Company.
The phone number is 1-800-221-4626.
They also have a website. I don't have the addy handy, but you could google their name. I've been happy with everything I've ordered from them and they service is good, too.


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