Where to house my Silkies


5 Years
Jul 26, 2014
Hello! Just need some advice. I current have a large chicken coop (17x10) and attached run for all of my chickens (various layer breeds).
I just added 7 young silkies to the mix, but I would like to keep them separate (my rooster is HUGE and my hens are...less than friendly to smaller chickens lol) . SO. My options are either to build a whole new coop and run for my Silkies within a tight budget, or try and use one of my horse stalls. I currently brood my chicks in a horse stall that is 8x10 so it is already set up for chickens, and could easily be modified for layers/broodies. But it has no access to outside besides a window and no way to really add a run to it.
Would an 8x10 stall be big enough for silkies? Would it be bad to never let them outside? I hate the idea of it but then i've read that they can't free range and shouldn't get wet and muddy and whatever else. Help :)

I say the stall has no access to outside because A. the window is probably 3 feet off the ground, so I don't know that they could navagate a ramp out the window or something, and B it floods so bad behind our barn that anytime it rained, it would be an awful mess back there, with no way to keep bedding in there.

Ask questions if you need me to clarify. Just let me know opinions. I'm leaning towards building a new coop, but that's just so expensive, i'm weighing my options ,

Silkies shouldn't be housed with rougher breeds as they will get picked on usually. All chickens should have access to outside and sunshine to keep healthy, but large producers keep their birds inside their whole lives(2-3 years).

I personally would set them up in the horse stall. Is it possible to cut a pop-hole? Or even a narrow fenced lane to the outdoors? Silkies aren't as vigorous foragers, but they still enjoy getting out to sun themselves and to dig in the dirt like all other chickens.

If the stall can't be modified for a run than maybe work on the coop for them as money permits.
Check Craigslist, but I'd definitely get a coop (or possibly an old shed or a playhouse or a miniature trailer, or something. We used an old grain-box on blocks with a few shingle samples for a roof when I was a kid. Not a bad set-up, really, though it looked like absolute garbage, as you might imagine. It did fall apart eventually.)

Wet humidity is bad for chickens, and I would assume that that especially applies to silkies since they have weird feathers. Mine free-range, but they're Ideal quality and have very lightly feathered feet. Yours will still appreciate fresh air and sunlight.

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