Where to pet a pet chicken??


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Jun 4, 2008
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I know cats love having their necks scratched and dogs like having their bellies scratched. Is there a particular place that chickens prefer? I keep trying to pet my girls and they always seem to be a bit annoyed.
Mine like their ears gently rubbed, while being held.
Mine have decided that they don't like me. I think I read somewhere that at about 8 weeks old they get a bit skittish. I hope this ends soon because I want some chicken lovin'!
I always pet mine on their chest and down between their legs, under them, on their bellies...not only do they love it, but they get used to you reaching under them to get eggs out of their nests when you do that. Mine always seemed to freak out when I tried to pet their backs, probably think a hawk has them or something!!
Of course, now that they're laying, they all squat if I try to pet their backs.

So far, I've never had one get freaked out when I reach under them to get their eggs.
I finally got to hold my favorite pullet last night and pet her SO soft feathers and she was very happy about it. Made this really pleasant purring sound with a slight melodic quality to it. Then when I put her down, she turned around apcked me lightly, as if to say "Are you done??"
The only bird I had that put up with all the lovin on was Slifer, the most Cantakerous Bag of Feathers that ever beat the snot out of a cat...I could pat her, lug her around and cry on her when the occasion arose.
Obelisk tolerates it a little.
Penny was sweet about it, but when she was done she'd jump down.

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