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    We are building a chicken coop and attached partially covered run, and have 6 chickens on order....see attached pics for progress so far. I'm picking up feeders and waterers, do I need to have them placed inside the coop and the run or just the run? I was planning on using the 4 gallon cup waterer and 20lb 2 feed port feed bucket. It may be relevant to also say that I've got a pop door.... so the chickens won't be able to go into the run at night. Thanks! [​IMG]
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    If you are getting them as baby chicks you'll likely have to raise them in a brooder with their heat source, food and water all contained within. This, of course, can be within the coop. It will be a few weeks until they are ready to venture into the run for food and water. Once they are venturing into the run on their own is the time to move the feed and water out there so as to keep the coop cleaner and drier.
  3. Being this will be all new to the Birds...Yes...Feed and water in the Coop for the first week...It will encourage them back to the coop...The next week if things are going great move the water and food out....I only feed and water inside the Coop....Personal preference.....Your Choice really....

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    IMO there really isn't a right or wrong place. I have my feed and water inside the coop for multiple reasons: because my coop was designed with slots for a feeder and waterer. Because I get up late and this way the chickens will always have something to eat in the morning. Because it does seem to effectively discourage pests from going after the food.

    If the weather is very hot I do put a pan of water outside the coop in the run for the birds to drink and to wet their feet and keep themselves cool.

    I also put any treats and fermented feed out in the run. Inside the coop, they were throwing the FF around and making a mess all over the welded wire. Out in the run, they can make a mess and it just disappears into the grass and dirt. I put the FF out in morning and take out the bowl when I lock up the coop at night.
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