where to place the coop :/

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  1. LeonieApril

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    Sep 29, 2013
    Gloucestershire, England.
    England. wind and rain usually south-westerly and with coop on north patch in garden (facing south) can get wet and gets all the wind (have put protection on one side) but for winter would this be better...8ft wall on south border of garden and place coop on north side? thinking warmth from bricks plus protection from SW weather but.. no direct sunlight during winter months. we are able to consider alternating to seasons. opinions very welcome.. it's a bit scary being a newbie :)
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    Dec 15, 2011
    SE Pa.
    Having it in the sun would be my preference. Could you build a wall out of wood or something to block the worst of the weather? My Grandfather's house was built facing more east then south because of the prevailing winds, turning yours might help.
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    Hello & welcome!
    I have a friend who lives right on the Severn estuary, so I know wind & rain!! You didn't say if your chicks have a run/free range. If they can get out & about during the winter months, I don't think the coop being in the shade would be a problem. If they don't get out, are you able to rig up some sort of light for them for a few hours? - a timer switch works well.
    Enjoy, Sue

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