Where to put the food bowl for the dog.

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    So, my sister went to college and left her dog with me, but he's got a problem with chasing chickens. I've been working with him and he seems to be doing better. Just one thing, THEY WILL NOT LEAVE HIS FOOD ALONE. You'd think after being chased every time they go after it they would stop, but no. He stays on a chain and the chickens have learned that he can only go so far. I've tried putting the food in the back of his dog house, and I can tell that they're more reluctant (probably because they know they'll be trapped), but they still do it. I can get him to pay attention to me as they go after it, and I have to get up and move them, but I can't do this all day. So I was wondering if any of you know a way I could put the food in a place that the dog can easily get to it, but not the chickens. I think I could make a lot more progress with him if he wasn't worried about them getting his food all the time.
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    Simplest solution would be to stop free feeding - feed him on a schedule and leave the bowl down for long enough for him to eat it (they quickly adapt to this and learn to eat the meal at meal time), then remove the bowl afterwards. If the bowl is only present during the time he is actively eating (5-15 minutes 2-3 times a day) the birds no longer have anything drawing them in and you can progress on your training.
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    Once the chickens have found a buffet, he's pretty much going to have to kill them to get them to leave his food alone. Chickens are very food driven and not the brightest [​IMG]. Remove the temptation for the birds and the dog will be much less stressed, not having to guard his food all day.
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    I agree with the others! Feeding them a restricted amount is better for their health in the long run anyway. While some dogs can regulate their own diets, most don't have that ability on their own!

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