where to rescue ex-Battery Hens..from maine

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    [​IMG]I am from Maine and I have been trying to find someplece that I can get ex battery hens...I have tried every rescue place possible~ Does anyone know where I could possibly go? I am willing to go out of state....but I seem to get a dead end no matter where I turn..I really want to rescue ex battery hens...any Ideas??
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    I would check to see where there are egg producers in your area and see if they will sell you or give you hens that are about to be sent to the slaughter house. This is where "battery hens", come from. Every two years hens from these places are sent to slaughter and new layers brought in. Hence the name "Ex battery hen".

    Assuming you are a young person, you might want to pick up a copy of "Love Ruby Lavender". When I first started in chickens I literally took everything out of the library that had to do with chickens. Some of them were fictional stories about chickens. This one was great. I got it on audio. It was so great, that I bought it for my DD who likes pink. The story begins where the Grand mother and Ruby raid an egg farm that is closing down and "rescue" three hens before they are carted away. In the story the Grandmother lives in a house painted completely pink called the "pink palace".

    Anyhow, any egg farm will have "battery hens".

    I wish you well,

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