where to start baby chicks?

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    Dec 31, 2013
    help me think this through. this is our first go around with raising chicks on my own. i have 100 cornish x coming next week. my options for housing while small are 1. the double stall garage attatched to the house, but it is hit with winds, so gets colder. 2. single stall unattatched garage, not as cold, but still outside cold. 3. basement of our house, consistent 60 degree. if i do in the basement i will move them outside to the garage or chicken shed asap. will the smell be bad in the basement? will i regret that?
  2. mayrooni

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    Dec 31, 2013
    they will be on pine shavings with brooder lights no matter where they are.
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    Where are you located? I personally would always choose an outdoor structure and not my house, running as many heat lamps as needed. A hundred chicks will quickly become crowded, stinky and dusty.
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    I agree with Oldhen! 100 CX will get very stinky very Quickly! The have a tendency to eat and poo constantly, so in my expereance have been even stinkier than normal chicks.

    I love watching my baby chickies, but even after two weeks 25 of them in our unheated mudroom the smell was overpowering. My chicks always end up outside in the coop by week three because of the smell. The CX I had I had outside after the first week!

    I did find that if you have thier night heat source not be a light (or a dim red one) they tend to not eat thur the night and then poo a bit less and are more active durring the day. Also grow just a touch slower though also.

    Check out this article-

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