Wheres the profit in emus / ostriches?

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    Hey everyone! I currently have 24 chicken hens, I sell the eggs occasionally and it pretty much pays for there food, I was just joking around with the wife about getting ostriches and did some research and it sounds like they are pretty profitable birds! the average ostrich produces 70lbs of meat, 1 ostrich egg = 24 normal chicken eggs, average life span is 55 years!

    Well this got me thinking..... I have 5 Acers of un used land in the country right now.... what if...

    thought I would get everyone's thoughts here on benefits and negatives' of ostriches and emus,

    One HUGE thing that concerns me is how dangerously strong and fast they are!

    Read an article of a guy with an ostrich farm and he's raking in 1.5 mil a year! granted he has over 1,000 ostriches in Africa....
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    You'll have to look into your market in the USA, but I am familiar with the ostrich industry a bit, as I used to live in the middle of an ostrich farming region in South Africa. Their meat is a good and popular product, as is their eggs if you can find a market for it, but their feathers and their skins are just as valuable. Especially the skins. Ostrich leather is absolutely wonderful, thin, soft and very durable. Ostrich leather products (purses, handbags, belts, etc) down there fetched absolutely ridiculous prices, last time I checked, in spite of the abundance. So look into that...

    Ostrich chicks are an absolute PITA to raise, with fairly high mortality rates, so it's best to leave the parents to it, if you can. The birds as adults are fine, not very intelligent, generally friendly, curious and they love pecking everything and anything on you that is shiny, or looks interesting. They can and will kick the heck out of you if they feel the need, especially when they have a nest they're protecting, so keep that in mind.
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    there is profit in both emus and ostriches! however it all depends on location.....and what kind of profit your wanting to get! to have a HUGE profit from them you have to have MANY MANY MANY breeding pairs ect and hatch ALOT of chicks in order to sell them and raise them to be butchered ect that is if the need for them is good where your at! but if you want to do a SMALL profit situation that is easier to do! we have emus now on our small homestead and we see that people are looking for them around here! so we want around 3 pairs here. then sell there eggs, chicks and adult birds! just for that extra money. ostriches are a little more expensive when getting started. like an ostrich egg can be 100 dollars per egg! ..while an emu egg can be 25 dollars....emu chicks are around 100 dollars......then ostrich chicks can go for a couple hundred and so on the older they get the more expensive they get! as for aggression.....ostriches are FAR more aggressive than emus.. i mean everyone has there own experiences but in general emus can get testy in the breeding season but even then are still pretty docile! ...then ostriches are the same way in breeding season are pretty iffy! lol but are alot larger and when an emu will hiss and get all big most of the time OSTRICHES will hiss......get big.....and actually come for you lol ....then you have the need for space! a pair of emus do find on a 30 x 100 pen...6 foot tall fences and a basic shelter......ostriches do good in the cold but still need a better shelter than emus and for there pen from what i understand do much better on like a FULL acre they need 6 foot fences however people tell me there not like emus in the sence they will smash the fences or tumble over since they get SO heavy. we already have emus here but we would LIKE to get a trio of ostriches some day.
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