Where's the weirdest spot your hens have laid?

chicken farmer

10 Years
Feb 7, 2012
Name the strangest,weirdest spot your hen(s) have laid an egg......One time I was just watching my chickens as always and my white silkie hen was getting a drink and she just plopped out an egg out of nowhere and didn't even sit,cluck,or go and look at it,it just rolled down the hill in the pen and I went and got it and it was fine haha funny silkie.
In one of my coops, I have shelves where I store supplies. One of my chickens used to fly up the the shelves and lay her eggs on them, even though she had perfectly good nest boxes to use instead.
In a blue and white cooler. Other random places have been: in our patio herb garden, in a 12-gallon stone crock that we keep outside, and on top of the dog crate that is in their temporary coop. MOST of the time, thankfully, they lay in one spot.
We had a top loader washing machine and I used to toss things in there as they got dirty and once the machine was full I'd do a wash. On more than one occasion I found an egg lying on top of the washing. We moved the machine outside eventually and it became a very popular "nest box". Another little hen I had loved coming into the house in the mornings to lay on our bed. DH liked a little lie-in in the mornings and she laid her egg right next to him more than once.
My funniest spot was probably my hen laid eggs multiple times in the bag of pine shavings. Must have been the deepest, most luxurious nesting box she ever laid in! I wish I still had her around 😢 I lost her peacefully in December 2020 of old age, her name was Clucky and we got her from friends when they moved. She was the silliest chicken ever and brought many smiles to me every day.

Aaaanyyyways that’s not what this thread is about so here’s my other funny spot. It right below a tree and is actually really cute!

This is the inside:

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