Which antibiotic for respiratory infection


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Jun 16, 2019
I have a pullet that became lethargic and depressed, inappetent, began sneezing with a mild cough, congestion and labored breathing. Her breathing has become more labored within the past 24 hours. She actually showed interest in some cockatiel seed and pomegranate today.
I started her on Denegard, which didn’t seem to help after 2 days. I switched to Baytril which also hasn’t helped after 2 days.
Which antibiotic should I try now? I have Tylan powder and Clavamox in hand. I can purchase some Tylan injectable. I also have Ketaconazole which may help with secondary Fungal infection?
I have also been tube feeding (I am a Vet Tech and have worked with avians) and am starting SQ fluids tomorrow.
I had what appeared to be the same or similar problem a year ago with my rooster and one of my hens. I spent hundreds of dollars on both, but don’t have that kind of $ at this time.
I don’t want her to suffer, but want to try for a couple more days. I am low on funds as I am out of work right now.
Have I waited to long to get to a vet?


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Apr 3, 2011
southern Ohio
It could be that you are dealing with either a virus or a fungal infection. Baytril and Denagard will treat MG. Testing would be very important here, and that can be done with a tracheal swab, either by the state vet, a local vet who sends it off, or a lab such as Zoologix which does a respiratory pcr panel of 8 possible respiratory diseases. The latter costs $90 the last I saw. Most respiratory diseases are chronic and can make carriers or positive birds for life, or up to a year with infectious bronchitis virus. Here is a good link about common diseases and symptoms:

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