Which Bantams are Best?!?!?!


10 Years
Jun 11, 2009
Mesa, Az
I have had standard chickens and a couple of bantams, but I want to go almost all Bantams. (Love the size and cuteness). Is there a such a thing as a mean Bantam? Any particular Breeds should I get?

I wanted to get maybe :
Japanese Black tailed Buff
golden, silver, buff sebright
Belgium quail
golden buff

and any other unusual, gorgeous Bantams.

Any suggestions?
Of course there are mean birds, and bantams can be nasty just like standard birds.

What's a golden buff? That sounds like a color, not a breed.

Of the ones you listed, probably the most mellow would be the japanese and the ameraucanas.
We have 4 bantams and they are all different breeds. My favourite is our Black Langshan Hen She is so cute and is the smallest of our hens, She is sweet and when you go into the yard she clucks around like she is talking to us. She was also the first hen to lay.
We also have a Buff cochin she is a ball of feathers and very sweet also but she isn't laying yet.

Here is a picture of our Langshan - Her name is Dipsy
I have only just now had a couple bantams, both turned out to be roos. They are about 6wks old now. One is what I Think to be a White Faced Black Spanish:



And he is really a sweet little guy. I call him Bonaparte - the little general. He likes to cuddle and be held and petted. He is really quite the character to watch as he hops around the yard.

My other bantam is a mille fleur d'uccle and I love him too. He is quite pretty with his beard starting to come in, and he too enjoys being held and cuddled. I have slept with him under my chin a few times and he just stays right there. When I pet him he coos and 'purrs'. I have enjoyed both of these breeds so far.


Brahmas are my favorite

Sweet & lay an average of 180 nice size (40grams) eggs!!!

My Cochins are really nice but, I have had some with attitude!

Silkies are my hubbies favorite!


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