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    This could be a big mistake, but I'll give it a try. I am slowly moving from bantam chickens to standards and am about ready to try Reds. I have been following this thread for a while and keeping quiet, but now I am speaking up. I have been fooling around with show chickens for about 30 years and have developed my own opinions about breeding styles. With that said I am looking for your opinions on which of the strains you all discuss to work with.
    Some of my opinions:
    1. Don't cross established strains because you are opening a can of gene worms.
    2. Don't get too many strains because you can end up with too many birds and not enough space to really accomplish what you want to do.
    3. Be careful of strain name dropping.
    4. I know that just because a strain has been bred for a long time doesn't necessarily make it quality
    I am looking for input before I get started.
    If each of you were starting fresh, where would you go for a start in Single Comb Large Fowl Rhode Island Reds?
    Terry Wible
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