Which blue polish roo should I keep?


9 Years
Sep 11, 2010
This year I am making an attempt to put together a show quality flock of White crested BBS Polish, so I have been buying chicks and hatching eggs from some reputable breeders and some enthusiastic novices (like myself). Of course, more than half the chicks always turn out to be roos and I am only going to keep one of each color. I would love some input on who to keep.

Attached are photos of 2 different young blue roosters. I am sorry for the positioning - they will not stay still enough for a good photo of their posture and carriage. Both have nice blue shanks and are getting some nice dark blue lacing around their hackles. Both have almost nonexistant combs and both probably have too much blue in the front of their crests.


I am leaning toward keeping this guy as he doesn't have a gap in his crest and he seems to have better wattles so far.


This guy currently has a gap in the top of his crest but he has much less blue in the front

I agree that there is much more to a Polish than the crest and I would love to be able to post side shots, but they will just not cooperate. They have very similar tail set, wing set and body shape so I was focusing on the crest/wattles as that seemed to be the most different between the two.

I will try again to get some side views.

I managed to snag a side view of each in between rain storms today. I really admire the skill, talent and luck of people who can get good "posed" shots of their birds - mine just want to peck at the lens or string and won't stand still
Any tips for getting a great shot would be welcomed - as long as they don't require two people.

Here is roo #1 - I am now noticing that he is holding his wing a bit lower than the other roo.

Here is roo #2 - I couldn't get a good shot of his head along with his body, but this is the best of his side, wing, tail position, etc.

Chickendales - I wondered if the gap in the crest might be due to age. However, he does seem to have a less full crest from front to back. And he has a nice width to his crest when seen from the front.

I really appreciate the comments. I am still trying to train myself what to look for. I bought some really nice birds from a breeder to put side by side with my other birds and many of the differences are readily apparent.
if you put them on a flat surface rather than perch them on some thing you will get a more natural stance. when they perch they are balancing them selves. patience is the key to a good picture.
Thanks for the tip. We are supposed to have good weather tomorrow so I will make another attempt at a side view.

Another attempt at side views. I have them on a flat surface, but they definitely want to run away from the camera whenever I try to take a photo.

Here is roo #1

Here is roo #2

Are these of any help? I really do appreciate the tips and the help as this is a big learning process.


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