Which breed is the best for me?

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    Oct 13, 2016
    NorthEast Texas, USA
    Hey experts, help a newbie out!

    We live in Texas, so a heat-tolerant bird is a must. We eat eggs but will also be eating our extra birds. We will be free-ranging and have seen hawks carry off rabbits out of our yard. We have small children and want there to be a camaraderie between the children and the chickens. Also, I won't be treating my sick birds, instead putting them on the table (unless they're unfit for consumption), so would prefer a disease-resistant breed. As I mentioned, we'll be eating our extra birds, meaning we plan on letting our hens go broody and raise chicks for us.

    What breed should I get?

    I've tried to start a flock of australorps, but most of them have died, and I want my starting flock to be a little bit bigger :D Also it turned out that one of the Aussies was a barred rock, and I have a friend who insists on giving me one of her extra copper maran roos soon.
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    Nov 11, 2016
    Hey I live in Texas too and I have a few suggestions.
    A Leghorn
    Hamburg chickens
    Game chickens like old English game or American game but the roosters are aggressive and good protectors of the hens and the hens tend to be broody
    Blue Andalusians are really pretty and are ok for eggs.
    Those are just a few but I hope you find something's no you like

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