which breed is the better pet for ducks


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My local Co-Op is getting khaki campbells and swedish blues tomorrow, I was thinking about getting a couple but was wondering which would make a better pet, eggs are ok but they will be more for pets. thanks in advance

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No really, I prefer the swedes, but that's just from experience with other people's ducks. I just have Calls.


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I have runners, but from anything I have heard, either of those breeds would make fine pets. My runners are super duper pets! I think that what makes the difference is not the ducks, but the people and what they do and how they do it.

It takes time, patience, time, humility, time, treats, time, willingness to learn, time, close observation, good nutrition and care, and did I mention some time?

One doesn't have to live in the brooder (even I took breaks to join the human world), but from day one, interacting with the ducklings, providing them a safe environment (safe from their point of view, also), some good experiences with humans (bath time, treats, snuggles), dealing with their growing pains in a loving and kind way, is how I ended up with the most darling ducks I can imagine.

The big challenges to my positive nature were the frequent cleanups, the frequent re-adjustment of watering systems (I would get something working, then they'd outgrow it, and I'd experiment to find something that kept the brooder room from becoming a swamp), the awful stage they went through when they started acting like I was an axe murderer (broke my heart but was resolved with help from many, including duckyfromoz and nettie and duck_feeder), and the one or two nights they decided to laissez les bontemps roulez all night. No yelling, sharp gestures or tones, no blaming them for being little duckies. I did sigh heavily a few times and shake my head.

They now, most of the time, are cooperative, and they are always sweet and friendly and interested in people. A few of them don't like hugs, but some of them do. All but one eats out of my hand when I offer them something.

What a long winded way of saying, treat them like beloved pets and you are very likely to have beloved pets, regardless of the breed.


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The Campbells I had once were much too flighty for me... I let all of them go free to a home with alot more pond to play on.

I just got 5 Swedish, so I don't know yet... but so far... MUCH friendlier than Campbells at that age. MUCH!


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Jul 10, 2010
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If you have a small number and can spend lots of time with them, any duck should be a good pet.

You were one of the many that assured me my girls wouldn't hate me forever

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