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    Hi. So For my Science fair project, i want to raise chicks(thats not the question but one of the steps) Now of course i will keep theese chicks. I currently have a Rhode Island Red, and a Ancauna, but i want to find a few breed that will get along well with my current chickens, is good with kids, dosent make too much noise, and how to introduce them to my current flock. I hope you get what im saying!! Thanks!!
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    That's a lengthy science project with way too many variables. I think you need to narrow the focus of your project before you decide on a breed.
    Then you need to find a source locally which may also narrow the breeds available.
    Any breed can be acclimated to your current chickens but the 'how' of that is a very long way down the road and the least of your problems. At this point, assume that you will need to house the two flocks separately for at least 4 months. Depending upon your project focus, you may need to house the experimental flock in numerous housings during the experimental time. You need to spend a lot of time thinking this through for the experiment to be effective and worthy of a good grade.
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    Although I only have two of them I would recommend Buff Orpingtons.
    The reason I decided to get them is because they have a reputation for being extremely friendly and very quiet, both of which I have found to be true.
    Buff Orpingtons and Silkies seem to be the go-to breeds whenever temperament is an issue but I don't have any Silkies. Yet. [​IMG]

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