Which breeds have brown eyes?


6 Years
Aug 17, 2013
Hi everyone!

I just love chickens with brown eyes, I find them so endearing and not so beady haha!
I know Orpingtons can have brown eyes, are there any other breeds?

(I don't mean "black" eyes like silkies)

Thank you :)
Ohhh the pictures I've seen of RIRs and Black Sex Links seem to have a yellow coloured eye?

I recently lost my Orpington, she was the only girl I've ever had who had brown eyes, I haven't been able to find another breed.

This is a picture of my lovely girl with beautiful brown eyes.
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Sorry I've changed the photo, I didn't realise how dark the photo was, making her eyes look black - but they aren't.
I have a Silkie cross who's eyes are black - my Orp's were much lighter in colour, clearly brown and not black. I just loved them and thought they were so beautiful and would love more chickens with brown eyes in the future :)

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