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    Jan 6, 2009
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    I am going to raise some chicks to sell when they are older.I want to raise some chicks but I can't house them through the winter. I was wondering how many I should raise, 2,3, or 4? Four would be a little harder, but I Could manage. Are people more likely to buy a large number, or just a few at a time?

    Also which breeds, I have White rocks, Buff Orpington, and Rhode Island reds (I'm going to sell the ones I don't keep). I know I'm gonna raise 1 RIR and 1 White Rock. I was thinking maybe 1 of each breed, but I don't know.

    Thanks in advance:D
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    It is, of course, easier to sell pullets than roosters. You almost can't give roosters away around here. The only way I've seen it done is to sell a rooster with a couple of hens to go with him, a set of chickens if you will. Are all of yours female?
    My experience is that people buy a couple of hens at a time. Other areas might have different experiences. Dunno. Do you ever check your local Craigslist to see what the going rate is? That would give you a good idea of what breeds are already available locally and what the average charge is for pullets.
    Good luck with it!

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