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Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by yoie, Feb 15, 2012.

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    I am hung up on two Brinsea incubators, and I need your help! I cannot decide between the Mini Advance or the Octagon Eco 20. I like the idea of the Mini Advance being completely automatic, but it only holds 7 eggs (but at the same time it is small like my DH would like). Then the Octagon Eco 20 is larger, no turner so have to do by hand, but otherwise seems fairly automatic temp/humidity wise. The price on the two is about the same Mini being $140 and the Eco 20 being $123. Which one is the better deal, and option?
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    We bought the mini advanced and set 6 eggs 22 days ago and all have hatched , the temp was 99.5- 99.6 , we took the turning plate out at day 4, so I would say the mini advanced but I'm just a happy new papa!!!!! The only draw back is with 6 eggs in there and when they hatch there is not alot of room for them to move around with all the shells, so once 4 out of the 6 were dry we removed the shells so the other 2 could dry and have some room!
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    If you are comparing the Octagon Eco to the Mini Advance, the latter is the best deal. It will keep your hatches small, for one rhino. Plus turning the eggs, doing the count-down....

    I have a Mini Advance, two MIniAdvance EX, three Octagon20 Advance EX units. I really get in trouble with the larger units... :D
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    Thanks! I think I'll go with the Mini Advance then. My DH will be much happier with something small anyway. Plus I just found that Brinsea has a sale on them right now, plus they have a coupon! That only makes the Mini Advance $127.99 including the shipping! Going right now to order it [​IMG]
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    I've got two Mini Advanced and recently purchased the Octagon ECO 20; with this one I also purchased the automatic turner.

    The former holds 7 eggs, the latter 24 (more if you have bantam eggs).

    If you go to the Brinsea site (www.brinsea.com) and highlight the web specials, you will see that both of these are advertised for $119 (before shipping). The automatic turner for the ECO is another $60.

    In addition, if you type in Valentine in the coupon section (at check out) 10 percent is knocked off the price (I believe this is available until the end of February). Cost for me for the Octagon ECO 20, the turner and shipping was just a tad under $200. Current cost for the Mini Advanced (taking advantage of the coupon) with shipping is $128.

    For what it's worth...I thought I too would only need one Mini Advanced; well, that idea went by the wayside a while back.

    I've found both of these incubators to be great....

    Hope this helps with your decision.

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    Ooopps...wrote this a bit late.


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