Which chicken breed pullet has the darkest yellow skin?

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    We bought some Welsummer pullets expecting to get yellow skin but they were sort of white. I looked at the standard of perfection and it calls for yellow skin. Maybe their definition of yellow is different than my expectation of yellow. We're talking about really yellow skin, not cocks or roosters, but hens and pullets with yellow skin.

    My old man believes in really deep colored yellow skin chickens for his dishes. He only wants to eat pullets/hens and not roosters. Roosters seem to have yellow skin easily but the hens turn out white.

    SO THE QUESTION IS. Which breed has pullets with the darkest yellow skin when butchered? Yellow feet, yellow beak, yellow skin, etc. We're in USA if you could answer based on chickens available here. We know there are deep colored yellow skin chickens in China but we can't import those here. Food coloring,feeding marigold, feed choices is not an answer I am looking for - we're talking about genetically yellow skin.
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    You might get better replies on the meat bird thread, where folks have actually butchered their birds and seen the skin color. I know Orpingtons, Sussex and Marans are white skinned, so you'll want to avoid those. I'd ask folks who have butchered the Dixie Rainbows or Pioneers, they're supposed to have yellow skin, shanks and beak and the females reach a decent weight fast.

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