Which digital thermometer?


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Dec 9, 2009
So, bought a little giant 9200.

I do NOT like this little mercury thermometer that came with it. I'd prefer a digital one that shows exact temps. I need one cheap ($10 or less) that will sit on top of my eggs. I've got your basic digital medicine cabinet thermometer, but I'd have to open the bator every time to start it.

I wonder if I could stick a digital meat thermometer through the styrofoam and line it up with the top of the eggs. But not sure if a meat thermometer would read air temp very well. Or if it's all the same.

TIA for the help. I'd like to get my duck eggs in by next week!


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Jan 12, 2010
Anderson, CA
I have 2 digital ones, both from Walmart. They work...I think. I am going to spend the money and buy a real one. There is an awful lot depending on temps that might be wrong because of a cheap thermometer. I know the hygrometers on these same units are 8% off so that doesn't give me much faith in the temp being correct.

I have also put a digital meat thermometer in the incubator and it seems to register ok, but a little different reading than the ones from Walmart. Since I don't know which one is right, so that is why I want to buy a good one.


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Feb 25, 2010
Leesburg, Ohio
i bought a thermometer/hygrometer (in one unit) at petsmart for 24 bucks and it's digital. they had a non-digital one for 12 bucks which is the one i wanted, but it was broken and they only had one! so i bought the digital one. the temp on it says 99.5 - 99.8......but the regular thermometr that came with the bator says 101. so i hope the digital is right. i'm hatching 12 showgirl eggs (one is a silkie).....i just read somewhere on BYC lastnight that silkie/showgirl eggs are hard to hatch.....that has me a bit concerned.....only time will tell. i put them in the bator lastnight before i went to bed. so today is day 1.
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