Which Eggs to Incubate


Oct 21, 2017
So I have been diligently saving and turning eggs to incubate once the current batch hatches, however, I discovered a tiny problem. Previously, I have dated the eggs when collected and then set them aside to incubate, this time I neglected to date any eggs. Due to a late hatcher I now have too many eggs set aside and have to choose which will go into the incubator. Is there any chance I could see anything when candling prior to putting into the incubator to help me pick the newest laid eggs (air cell size perhaps)? Would weighing them and choosing the heavier (assuming the older eggs have lost some weight already) be somewhat reliable or do I just choose the eggs most ideal in appearance and hope for the best?


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If you candle, the newer eggs might have smaller air cells but it depends how long you've been saving for the hatch and how porous the eggs are vs the humidity in your environment. You could set them all and ditch the quitters as you go too.

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