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    My chicks will start laying eggs about mid July to early August. I like the Purina foods, I started with medicated Start and Grow and used that until just a few weeks ago. Then I bought the Scratch one and am mixing it with the Layena because I have roosters so I figured they needed something too. I also give them vegetable scraps. My neighbor told me I am using the wrong food and need Layer food, she uses Dunmor, isnt Layena layer? This is still new to me, it is my first run with chickens and I have not had any problems for being a starter!

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    Layena is Purina's layer feed. I use the crumbles. Scratch is more of a snack food, not complete nutrition. I have also fed flock raiser when I have had both young non-laying birds and layers. When I feed flock raiser I supplement with oyster shell for added calcium.

    I'm guessing your birds are about 16-18 weeks from what you are saying. I think it is okay to start the switch to layer feed, but you might wait for some other opinions. My youngest birds are over a year, and I can't remember when I switched. I probably just kept feeding flock raiser until they were laying.

    Layena is a vegetarian feed, and I believe Dumar has animal protein. I know some people like the animal protein. I add cat food to the layer feed when my bird are molting, for added protein for feather growth.
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    Quote:You are right, it is an adult chicken layer feed....It is really up to you and what your chickens like to eat (and how their systems respond to that feed)....Some people don't like it because it is lower in protein....You will just have to find what works for you all [​IMG]

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