Which gender makes the best solitary pet?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by SpunkyChicken, Feb 15, 2009.

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    Feb 1, 2009
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    As I mentioned in my introduction thread, I'm planning to hatch some chicks this spring and keep one as a "house" chicken. I'm now wondering whether I should go with a hen or a rooster... The obvious pro with a hen is that they lay eggs, and the obvious downside with the roo is that they crow. But which one has the better personality? If I just have one rooster in my house, will he be aggressive? I've been reading more about chickens and it almost seems that roosters are smarter and have better personalities, especially when kept indoors around other people. I would love to hear your experiences with roosters and hens strictly as pets, especially indoor pets! Which gender has more "pet-like" behavior, or are they both generally the same?

    If the breed makes a difference, I'm going to be hatching BBS Orpington bantams (hopefully!). Thank you for any stories and/or advice you have to offer!

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    Silkie [​IMG]
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    Chickens are flock animals. It is not the best circumstance to plan to keep just one. It needs a chicken companion.
  4. Prissy is correct. Chickens need chicken company. My choice would be two females.
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    Quote:Yes Miss P is right- two bantam hens are as small as one large fowl hen [​IMG]

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    I figured because the chicken would be an indoor pet, I wouldn't have to worry about getting more than one since he/she would constantly be around people. You know how if you get two budgies, or two lovebirds, they shun humans and mostly just pay attention to each other? That's what I'm afraid of... we used to have outdoor chickens and they weren't very friendly, even though I spent lots of time in the pen each day. However when one hen got attacked by a skunk and stayed inside for several weeks to recouperate, she became a lot tamer and seemed to enjoy being a "human" just as much as a chicken. She didn't show any signs of lethargy from being separated from the other chickens - quite the opposite. That is the only experience I've had with a house chicken though.

    I hope people won't look down on me for getting just one chicken... I know that chicks need each other, which is why I'm keeping all of them as long as I can. If I find that the chicken is unhappy being the only chicken in the house, I will definitely get her a companion.
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    I have a rooster who is my buddy. I have other chickens that are in the yard but Chickie stays with me mostly. He doesnt really like the other birds but he spends time with them when I have to leave. When Im here he is in the house or we go outside together. He follows me around and talks to me. I love it. I do wish he like chickens a little better than he does. I have to keep him in a separate area of the pen where he can see, but not get at the others. They are scared of him as he views them as predators, I think, and doesnt play nice with them. I found Chickie when he was about 2 days old Im guessing. I raised him around other humans only until he was two months... then I got him a companion chicken. He just plain thinks he is a human.

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