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    So I have never hatched before but am really enjoying this whole new "Chicken Life". I am very likely going to buy an incubator. What I would like to do is have one that is capable of doing a minimum of 25 eggs. Prefer an auto turner also( just sounds easier). I plan to use it a couple times a year or so for my meat birds at the very least.
    Will likely use more than that once I find out how fun it will be. I would prefer a set it and forget unit. Am I realistic with wanting to only spend $200 max? Please provide me your recommendations as I know nothing about this whole incubator stuff.
    Thank you
    Also because it is only reality and not everything is a happy ending. How do you cull your weak/problem chicks or fresh hatches? Axe seems alittle excessive.
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  2. Culling chicks, luckily, does not always have to be the ax. You can raise them to adulthood and them sell them to people looking for pet chickens, not breeders. :)
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    I am asking if the chick is deformed or something not for perfectly fine chicks. I am wondering how others do cull as I have only done full grown birds.
  4. Chicks with club toes or splayed legs, once corrected, are fine for breeding as long as other features line up also.
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    Sharp Scissors for chicks. Works for full grown quail processing too.
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    buy a used Brinsea incubator. Check ebay and around the web. try the exotic bird breeders wanted ads on avianweb. Do not buy one of the cheap Chinese incubators. the temperature regulation is just not there yet.
    Karen in western PA, USA
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    I had the same question about getting an incubator so I bought 2, one is a syrofoam with a plastic outside a farm innovators and the other is plastic only by incubator warehouse both have egg turners and are American made (not china). I ran them side by side for two weeks but I have yet to hatch anything in them yet. That probably makes my observations not the best but it’s all I have at the moment.

    The styrofoam one keeps humidity and heat stable better than the incubator warehouse one made of just plastic (but with placing a blanket around the base the heat became steady). In terms of stability to both temp and humidity styrofoam wins, but the smell is pretty bad still even after airing it out a month. I also like it better because there are external ports to add water.

    The incubator warehouse one did a good job with temp but humidity it needed more water frequently (there is no external port for adding it and i had to open the unit, which is bad I think?). One thing I really liked about the incubator warehouse one is the top is 100% clear. I really wanted to see them hatch. Both of these are under 200 and hold 40 eggs and 32 eggs respectively.

    I hope my thoughts help, and I want to hatch babies this year so I will not have any solid proof of reliability until probably April (if I can hold off that long lol). If you are not so concerned with seeing into the machine 100%, the Styrofoam is a good choice. I am willing to play with the all plastic one (use blankets, closely monitor it) just for the ability to see inside. I am deciding if I will put in an external port for adding water (just need to drill a hole), I’ll see how bad it is with having to open the lid first before I modify it.

    Hatching chicks is not a science, I am told, and it takes time and experimentation to see what works where you live and with the machinery you have. I wish you good luck in your chicken journey :) welcome :)
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    @BarnGems thanks for the info. Is this the foam one from farm innovators your talking about? It does have a see thru lid.
    Screenshot_2019-01-15-18-55-42.png @ $149.99
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    Brinsea is very nice but for 200$ you won't get much. The research I did before I purchased I couldn't afford one for the size I wanted (also, I don’t want to buy someone else's problem), so I went with American made instead. Just my 2 cents here, as I am new to chickens. At least with the american made you can contact someone for service if there is a problem.
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    Incuview? IW sells many different bators.
    I have an Incuview and like it way better than the foamies I've wrestled with.
    At least you can clean the thing thoroughly.
    There's a way around the adding water issue.

    There's always something that needs dinking with almost any incubator.
    None are really 'plug and play(walk away)'..... they all need some monitoring.
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