Which is more disease resistant, chickens or ducks? ( Both chicken and duck people can help me out )

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by cluckcluckluke, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. cluckcluckluke

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    Hay all[​IMG].

    I am just doing some research and have a few questions.

    I have had 2 ducks before ( In with my chickens ) and they where great, no disease, lice etc. I only had them for a short though.

    1) I am just wondering, what common diseases do ducks bring?
    2) Do they get lice, mites and worms?
    3) What is the worst disease a duck can get and how bad is it?
    4) Would having mostly ducks, but a few chickens with them be ok? The chickens would be housed separately but will free range with the ducks.
    5) Finally, for those who have ducks and chickens or have had both. Which animal is more disease, and especially mite and lice resistant.

    Any help is much appreciated[​IMG].
  2. Finny

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    Jan 5, 2014
    I have heard ducks are more disease resistant and hardier than chickens.
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    May 24, 2011
    On, Canada
    Generally speaking? Finny is right, ducks are with proper feed, access to drinking water, clean housing(caveat there, duck are fine with some mud and dirt, clean kinda means no build up of droppings, dead animals laying about sorry to be graphic but people somewhat misunderstand clean when it comes to ducks)

    If you want an actual specific breakdown, have a look at Storey's guide to ducks it lists ailments. I keep both all of mine are healthy, but with chickens ones needs to be far more cautious especially about how and where you get new ones, how you introduce and so forth.

    Ducks a touch more leeway, not to say one can toss caution aside but risk ratio is lower on the whole. THE biggest issue with ducks is the mess(see here comes that "clean" factor again) they love mud, water that creates a sloppy, dirty mess ducks MUST have water with food, and they must have access to bathe and clean their nares... this involves loads of water, yes, two probably not so bad i keep much more than that... but the amount of mess should never be underestimated probably the #1 complaint of new ducks owners, "they are so messy"

    I house my chickens and ducks separately this allows me to set-up my housing to key in on the points each needs(mainly that clean issue yet again!!) chickens like it dry, ducks? nope. My standards do free range around my chickens, they are rather indifferent to one another.. can be quite comical the stares at times, also as per usual i must add the precaution of drakes and chicken hens that sometimes can be a deadly mix, not all drakes try to mate hens BUT it's something you must be watchful of, mine don't but i have heard many a story of those that have and sadly with deadly consequences.
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  4. cluckcluckluke

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    Dead animals, why would they have dead livestock lying about!?!
    I am going to try and find this book, I have been referred to is so many times.lol.
    Do I still need to quarantine new ducks, even if there are no ducks on my property in the first place, only chickens??

    As I said earlier, I have kept a few ducks before so yes I am aware of really how messy they are. It's funny how much I was warned about this and I thought, "Oh two ducks, they can't be to bad".....they where!!! Much more messy than I had anticipated[​IMG].

    I am familiar with the drake and hen scenario. I will not be allowing any drakes I get to get 'ducky' with my chicken hens. ( Sorry for poor duck pun ).

    Thank you very much for your help Quackers, you too Finny[​IMG].
    I have sound knowledge of different breeds and husbandry of ducks, I just wanted to get some more information on the disease and pest side of things associated with ducks.
    Worst thing is mites with my chickens around my area.
  5. cluckcluckluke

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    There can't only be two people who have information one this?

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