Which males do I keep?

Discussion in 'Quail' started by gonze, May 24, 2012.

  1. gonze

    gonze Hatching

    May 24, 2012
    Hi, I recently hatched 9 japanese quails. Ended up with 5 females and 4 males I know the ratio is wrong. But the last four days the males are crowing at 3am but they only do it one at a time. My question is it only the biggest male that will crow. So if i remove the biggest and the smallest male to help the ratio will it also help the noise problem? Thanks
  2. bfrancis

    bfrancis Songster

    Mar 30, 2010
    Okmulgee Co, Oklahoma
    I would remove all but male. 5:1 is a good ratio...no competition will have less crowing but they will crow regardless it's their nature...

    Hope this helps!
  3. Dingo

    Dingo Songster

    I have two colonies with one rooster in each and hardly ever hear any crowing. I always try to pick the calmer birds, hyper active birds seem to crow more and are more likely to get pecked/bullied.
  4. the outdoorsman44

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    Jun 22, 2011
    Chandler, AZ
  5. gonze

    gonze Hatching

    May 24, 2012
    I pin pointed the male making the most noise and another at random. removed both and the problem is sorted. still a little noise but at least the neighbours windows have opened again. And i got my first egg 2 days ago [​IMG]

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