which Marans makes the darkest egg? Which breeders have darkest?


11 Years
Aug 6, 2008
a valley; by a brook.
There is no definitive answer for this question. There are quite a few breeders who sell nice Marans with good dark eggs. There are also rather a few sharks. With Marans it can be very much buyer beware. Those breeders with the best reputations probably have the longest waiting lists.


The Crazy Chicken Lady
Apr 22, 2008
upstate SC
You need to find a breeder that has the birds you like and chat with them a while and find out if the eggs are what you would want also. Dark eggs can be misleading with a photo so a visit before purchasing is a wise choice but sometimes not easy.

I happened upon a gorgeous pair of wheaten Marans and then the hen laid me some gorgeous #7 eggs. I got them at a steal of a price. You can bet I am overly fond of this pair and have raised a good many chicks from them.

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